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Retro gaming console handheld

Now before we go anywhere, the handhelds we are talking about are emulators. Why are people interested in the best retro handhelds?

BEST retro game console in 2020

After all, who wants to take extra cartridges around with them or wait 20 minutes in a coffee shop for games to download? So here is the ultimate list showcasing the top 25 best retro handhelds so that you can get your dosage of nostalgia whenever and wherever you please.

The Retroid Pocket 2 is a new android based handheld that has quite simply, blown us away. Because it has an Android OS, you can download emulator apps, normal android apps and even use their NetPlay feature to play coop with another Retroid Pocket 2 user.

The 3. This is smashing other handhelds out of the park, not only because it boasts a lot of power for the price, but because it actually feels like a finished product.

But nonetheless, these flaws are easy to look past, because everything else is perfect. The Retroid Pocket team are trying their hardest to get units out of their factory as quickly as possible and have informed us that their lead times are 7 days.

So expect your unit to get to you in 2 — 4 weeks. The RGP is by far one of the best retro handhelds on the market. We say average because we start to see a dip in performance when we play large N64 games like GoldenEye etc. The shell is strong, the analogue sticks used are identical to that of the Nintendo Switch, and the bright 3. The main reason the RGP is ranked so high in our list is due to the pick-up and play factor.

Some handhelds on this list require lots of work. By work we mean, changing the settings to find the best quality gameplay, having to update firmware, and even installing your own ROMs.

The RGP comes with thousands of games pre-loaded straight out of the box. The RGP is our number 3 best retro handheld for a wide number of reasons. The RG was released in October and received most of its attention for the ability to play PS1 ROMs near perfectly all while having superb build quality.

retro gaming console handheld

But now, 9 months later they released this new handheld, with a few minor updates. These minor updates from the original RG makes this handheld feel incredibly polished.We will endeavor to keep this list up to date as new consoles are released and old ones fade away into the ether. I have decided to focus purely on the consoles being released out of China for this list. It has a better build quality and improved battery charging than RK If your budget is limited, RK is also a nice choice as you like.

If you want the best portable retro gaming handheld experience inRetroid Pocket 2, came to the market this month, can do it. The two analog sticks cater to different requirements in different emulations. A Quad-Core Cortex-A7 1. It features an Android 6.

retro gaming console handheld

The WiFi and Bluetooth function are appreciated to play games with your friend. With dual analog support, the full suite of triggers and bumpers, the biggest screen of all these consoles, and nice firm tactile ABXY and d-pad buttons, the RGP just cannot be beaten at the moment. The performance of the console is fantastic, running every game from every console at full speed without delaying and screen tearing, the good quality of plastic shell to make your hands get free from finger cramping, especially compared with RGM.

All of these consoles have no trouble playing retro games, however, some, like the BittBoy and Pocket Go, are just not up to speed to play full-speed PlayStation 1 titles, anything less than that and every console can keep up fine.

So what do you want out of the console? And at that point, the new BittBoy or Pocket Go are both great options. For as low as 30 dollars USD, the new BittBoy can play any classic console you throw at it and play it superbly, with an absolutely gorgeous IPS display, the new BittBoy is a masterclass on how to make something with a certain level of quality, but for the right price. For around 55USD, these consoles have a slightly bigger screen than the 2.

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Its really up to you if that is worth the increased price though, but as far as mid-tier consoles go, the LDK is still worth the price, the LDK game in particular is smaller than my wallet, it makes for a great conversation starter if nothing else. Close Menu Home. Retro Game Console Reviews. Retro Gaming News. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Contents hide. Best Retro Game Handhelds. Affordable Retro Consoles. Better build quality required One of the best handhelds in Best compatibility.

Perfect gaming experience. Good performance on PS1.

The Very Best Retro Game Consoles

Have fun while DIY. PS1 performance is better than BittBoy. Lots of color options. PS1 performance, and anything earlier, is much better than other cheap consoles. With ergonomic buttons less likely to cause cramping.

Retro design Nice screen Tearing in some games Lacking shoulder buttons Cheapest console on list.We use cookies and similar technologies to run this website and help us understand how you use it. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

retro gaming console handheld

Although it seems like everyone is gaming on their smartphones these days, the real action is happening on handheld gaming consoles — which have come a long way since the Nintendo Game Boy. Handheld video game consoles are now almost as popular as their TV-tethered equivalents, and the titles being released are just as compelling. In fact, there are actually more Mario titles for mobile platforms than there are traditional video game consoles. Across the portable video game market, there are two distinct types of portable consoles: retro arcades that play popular titles from the s, 80s, and 90s, and modern handheld consoles that play games with updated graphics and current franchises.

Each offers a very different experience. Retro arcade handheld gaming console s are typically smaller versions of older home video game system like the Sega Genesis or Atari They include a few dozen built-in games and usually have small screens ranging between three and seven inches. They deliver pitch-perfect replicas of the classic video games of yesteryear, down to the last pixel.

Some portable gaming systems do a lot more than play video games. Here are the features that are worth holding out for. Some gaming systems have built-in games; others require you to buy games on cartridges; and some allow you to purchase games as digital downloads. If you prefer downloads over physical copies, buy a handheld video game console that lets you purchase more games and download them directly to it.

The only thing better than playing video games on the go is playing video games on the go with your friends!

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Dual-screen games keep the action on one screen and use the secondary screen for secondary interactions. For example, in a role-playing game, you may see your character avatar on the top screen and your character inventory on the bottom one.

Dual-screen gaming adds a whole new dimension to gaming and a lot more fun. In the handheld console market, it can be easy to mistake a bargain for a bad deal. Handheld consoles in this price range are great for nostalgia and casual gaming but not much else.

Best retro game consoles 2020

A lot of the most popular video game characters and franchises are exclusive to specific hardware. For example, any games featuring Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach can only be found on Nintendo consoles. Many handheld video game consoles are meant to pull double duty as both a portable video game console and a traditional gaming console, so they connect to your TV with an HDMI cable.

As you compare different gaming systems, keep an eye on which can utilize your TV as a screen. What are the differences between mobile games for my smartphone and games I can play on a handheld video game console?

Games for portable gaming systems are designed to be controlled with physical inputs like joysticks and buttons. The difference in their interfaces means that each platform is great for some types of gaming but not others. For example, smartphone games are typically casual and not always graphics-intensive.

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In contrast, games for handheld gaming consoles are more engaging and require more involvement. If you prefer virtual farming or the occasional Words with Friends match, stick to gaming on your smartphone.

It depends on which one you buy, but in general, video streaming is a feature only found on a few models, and it tends to drive up pricing overall. As entertaining as the 3DS — especially if you can live without the 3D effect. The addition of a fantastic Mario adventure is icing on the cake.

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The ability to take an notable number of eye-catching games on the road makes the Vita the perfect mobile companion to the PlayStation 4, and although it may be on the way out, this is the perfect opportunity to experience its entire backlog of top-tier portable titles.

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Find your device below to download the custom firmware If your device has multiple versions, make sure to pick the right version Not all devices have firmware, for those the download button will simply not work. OpenDingux closed source. OpenDingux Closed source. Open source firmware. Windows CE. Palm OS. These include directories for extras.

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We are french sellers. Buy all retro-game devices we offer a wide selection of handhelds we are a shop based in Germany Shipping Worldwide. Welcome to Retro Game Handhelds. Supported devices. GKD Mini PocketGo2 V2 Metal GKDH Metal Analogue Pocket Q Supbor PowKiddy Q90 Dec PocketGo2 V1 Dec GKDH Dec Modern video games and consoles offer a narrative experience that rivals Hollywood blockbusters, but also require a hefty commitment of your time to play through.

Sometimes you just want to dive into the action, and your favorite 8 and bit games of yesteryear are perfect for that. Smaller companies, many based in China, are still releasing some excellent retro handhelds, including the new Game Boy-inspired RGV from Anbernic. You still have your original consoles and game carts, and over the years have amassed a sizeable collection of ROMs for your favorite games, and would love to be able to play them wherever you go, but you find the challenges of running emulators on a smartphone outweigh the convenience, and would rather have a dedicated portable with excellent physical controls built right in.

The RK is similarly priced to the RGP, includes a screen with a noticeable bump in resolution, offers decent controls and a faster processor allowing it to play a large number of games from more powerful 3D retro consoles including the N64 and the Sega Dreamcast.

A single analog stick it makes playing PS1 games challenging but not impossiblealthough the level of technical proficiency needed to just copy ROM files to its memory card which is formatted for the Linux OS makes the RK more of a challenge to get working. Its creators have worked to license official games from the original publishers to create a collection of themed cartridges that each contain multiple games. They were designed by the same engineer who created the open source Arduboy : a credit card-sized Game Boy that allows anyone to program and create their own games.

Many retro handheld gamers think the genre was perfected with the original Game Boy, the Game Boy Color, and the various iterations of the Game Boy Advance. But technology has moved on and connecting your old hardware to a modern TV is more challenging than you anticipated. In just a few years, Analogue has made a name for itself as the best possible solution for playing original retro game cartridges on modern TVs. Every game works flawlessly, and the console includes HDMI connectivity and endless options for customizing how games look on a giant screen so you can get as close as possible to recreating your childhood gaming experience.

If the DIY approach sounds too daunting, there are pre-built Raspberry Pi-based retro consoles as well. You get your retro gaming fixes on a variety of different platforms, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even modern consoles like the Nintendo Switch, but you want to game with a real controller—not a touchscreen, not a keyboard, and definitely not a pair of tiny Joy-Cons.

It offers excellent vibration feedback, analog shoulder triggers, motion controls, and a rechargeable battery that can be swapped with a pair of AA batteries in an emergency.

Arcade1Up takes an entirely different approach. Instead of one machine that plays everything, Arcade1Up offers IKEA-style build-it-yourself arcade cabinets that focus on a specific series of games.

Such as the various iterations of Golden Tee released over the years. Out of stock, more expensive when available, and you need to source the classic games. Thank you very much for this paragraph, but given availability, cost, and number of games, they are better options than the recommended Analogue systems.

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Get our newsletter Subscribe.For anyone that's feeling nostalgic, the best retro game consoles are just what the doctor ordered.

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They're like time machines; plug one in and you're whisked back to your childhood. There are plenty to choose from nowadays, too. Most of the best retro game consoles from the 80s or 90s have been brought back in one form or another, and that means you can revisit the glory days no matter whether you played on consoles by Nintendo, SEGA, or PlayStation. The only downside? The sheer volume of choice. That's where we come in.

To help point you in the right direction, our team has put together a list of the best retro game consoles that every fan needs in their collection. We've also gone looking for deals, discounts, and reductions to save you cash along the way. Just remember to check which games are included on your console of choice before buying it. Most of the best retro consoles only have 20 - 30 titles on them, so there's a good chance that some of your favorites have been left by the wayside.

Be sure to do your research to avoid disappointment!

retro gaming console handheld

Struggling to find the games you want right away? Don't lose hope. It's worth bearing in mind that many older games have been ported over to mobile. That means the best gaming tablets and the best gaming phones are viable options for the retro gamer when all else fails.

If you'd like to continue your retro journey, be sure to investigate a subscription to Retro Gamer magazine. It's stuffed to the brim with features and coverage of every era, and you can normally make a good saving on print or digital bundles.

With the success of and overwhelming demand for the NES Mini Classic, a bit follow up was virtually guaranteed. Once again, Nintendo has knocked it out of the park by providing a library of essential games inside a faithful, adorable replica of the original SNES. Those games also represent some of the era's best; they're classics that changed the industry in fundamental ways. Those titles are matched with a suite of neat display options ranging from fuzzy CRT emulation to crisp HD output, rewind and suspend options, and a bucketful of fun Nintendo Easter eggs.

From an adorably dinky console with a cartridge slot you can actually open for 'blowing away dust' to its authentic packaging, this is a system that excels at the little things. It even has original menu music by the bit era legend Yuzo Koshiro, created using authentic tools of the day. Then there's bang-for-buck. It's an excellently handled throwback to another time that'll hit you right in the nostalgic feels. The original PlayStation holds an interesting spot in the landscape of the evolution of gaming.

It was amongst the first and certainly the most popular console to truly push the 3D frontier, expanding beyond the flat 2D planes of gaming's primitive origins and launching a revolution that would define the future of the medium. They also shaped the landscape of gaming for years to come.

Although some high profile exclusions like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Grand Turismo rankle a bit, Sony has done an excellent job picking a slate of titles that's broad enough to represent one of the most diverse libraries in console history. The whole package is a great nostalgia-trip not only for anyone looking to relive the mids, but also for anyone who's played the endless flood of sequels to these games and wonders where those series originated. We've seen a lot of seriously dodgy retro handheld emulators knocking around the net over the last few years, but now we have an officially licensed product that really appeals to our old-school sensibilities - the Evercade.

The Evercade is a little different from the other retro consoles on this list as it actually comes with game collection cartridges that you can buy separately in order to build up a sweet retro selection. The PSP-sized display is wonderfully crisp and clear and you have the option to switch between the original aspect ratio or stretch things out to if you want to take advantage of the full screen.

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